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How Evanesque got started

By: Barbara and Jeff Rader

Evanesque was created in 2004 as we were trying to buy an existing business and accidentally found the market for non-invasive skin care and hair removal services. First of all, we were both overwhelmed at how well these non-invasive procedures worked. Then, after researching the feasibility as a business we were immediately impressed at the large number of people who showed serious interest in non-surgical, self-improvement. We also took note of the large percentage of the population that had not entered the market. This amplified our efforts to pursue the business and as you see, we did.

Our goal for the business was to create an atmosphere of trust and serenity for both women and men. We researched and bought the best equipment on the market and hired professionals in their fields to provide quality service to our clients. Finding just the right staff has been an important ingredient for Evanesque.

Our days are filled with watching people arrive in search of solutions for their skin, hair or feelings of stress. After their visit we see them leave Evanesque with a little more pep in their step, a youthful glow and a relaxed and restored mind.

It is a wonderful feeling to make peoples’ days a bit better. Not many get to go to work each day knowing that by doing their jobs well, their clients’ lives will be visibly improved, which often transcends to their demeanor as well. Certainly from our perspective, it makes going to work seem a lot more like fun than work. We do however, take very seriously the confidentiality of our services. While of course we love when clients tell friends about what they have done at Evanesque, we strongly believe that is information for them to share and not us.

We take pride in every service we offer and strive to continually evaluate what is new in the market place and determine the worthiness of the service for our wonderful clientele.

Lots of folks have asked us how we chose our name?

The word EVANESQUE means to disappear or fade away gradually.

Our daily purpose is to make unwanted things disappear or fade away.

So, that is how Evanesque came to pass and it seems like the perfect fit.


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