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Elastin Infusion Therapy is a new breakthrough treatment genetically engineered to replace the body's elastin that is now being offered at Evanesque Med Spa in uptown Dallas. After age 12, our bodies stop producing elastin. As we age the amount diminishes, resulting in a loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin. Until recently, this process was considered irreversible. Now through microcurrent delivery, this newly discovered elastin protein, Elastatropin, is infused back into the skin. By penetrating the outer layers of the skin it replenishes lost elastin. The elastin protein helps the body to retain collagen, thus you stay more hydrated after each treatment and the area around the eyes and mouth are plumped and lifted.

Elastatropin was discovered in 2006 during a Department of Defense financed competition for researchers to discover a way for wound healing to be accelerated on the battlefields of Iraq. Microbiologist Dr. Burt Ensley was working on the tissue regeneration competition when he discovered a new element derived from plant biotechnology called Tropoelastin which promotes scar-less healing. Dr. Ensley said when he realized Elastin's properties in promoting scar-less healing, it was logical to see what could be done at the cosmetic level. This proprietary ingredient (Tropoelastin) in the product line used in Elastin Infusion Therapy was discovered in this Department of Defense research project and is now called Elastatropin®. The product penetrates the outer layers of the skin and replenishes lost elastin.

The protocol suggests that a series of 10 microcurrent treatments be administered providing a cumulative affect of increased cellular metabolism, collagen regeneration and blood circulation. The Elastin Infusion Therapy is incorporated into the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th treatments. Even after just one elastin infusion therapy treatment results will be noticeable for most, making it the perfect solution for when you want to look extra toned and tightened prior to a special event. This is the perfect treatment for those that are looking for an alternative to Botox, Juvederm or want to "lift" the skin area below the cheeks to give a more youthful appearance.

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